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            Generate Electricity At Home Using Solar Energy

                         The Ways To Generate Electricity At Home:-

The solar energy is the renewable source of energy.

Here are new ways to generate electricity at home.

Solar energy is the best source of energy and you can make electricity from it even at home. This will help you to reduce your bills and you can also do many more things with the solar energy. Solar energy is a convenient source of energy and also renewable and we can generate as much as electricity from it as our need will be at home.

The materials needed to generate electricity at home are :-

1:- A solar panel.
2:- A stand on which the solar panel would stand.
3:- A AC generator.
4:- A DC generator.
5:- The appliance you would want to connect with it.

The electricity generation is very easy as you have to do a very small amount of work.Just take the solar panel and fit it in the stand and put at that place from where it is at least getting 25% of solar energy.Now take AC and DC generator and fit them in the stand of solar panel and attach a wire to it.Now attach the wire of the appliance which you want to start.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

             How To Generate Electricity Using Solar Energy

                                                 Steps Start From Here

The production of electricity via solar energy is very easy and everyone can do them even at home.
As solar energy is most easy and not so expensive technique of generating electricity.
The main using of solar energy are :-
1:- We can cook food from generated electricity via heater and microwave oven.
2:- We can use electricity to light our house formed by solar energy.
3:- We can use electricity formed by solar energy to heat water.

Formation Of Electricity By Solar Energy : -

Solar energy is the changement of sunlight into the electricity by using techniques. changing of sunlight into electricity is done by PHOTOVOLTAICS . and secondly by concentrated solar power system.

Materials required :-

1:- SOLAR PANEL (a combine sets of solar cells )2:- A SMALL DC GENERATOR AND AC GENERATOR. (you can buy it from market)3:- A BULB (insist on L.E.D.)


As you are showing in the diagram find that adjust the solar panel at that place from which it can get at least 25% of light energy.then insist a ac and dc generator in the pole on which the solar panel is standing and attach the wire of solar panel to the ac and dc generator.and at last put a bulb attached  to the wire came from ac and dc generator.

2 Nd type generate electricity from solar energy

Solar panels that  turn the energy which are gained from the sun’s rays are directly into very useful energy which can be used in homes,schools and businesses and other places to generate electricity. There are only two main types for generating electricity via solar energy : solar thermal energy and the photovoltaic, or we can say PV. Solar thermal panels  uses the sun’s energy to heat the water,cook food that can be used in washing and heating and hot food for eating. PV panels uses  photovoltaic and its effect  to turn the sun’s energy directly into electricity is very good and convenient, which can supplement or replace a building’s usual supply of electricity and this is also less expensive.
A PV panel is made up of a conducting metal, usually it is based on silicon, which is used to connect wires between two electrical contacts.  generate as much as  electricity from solar energy as possible, PV panels had a need to spend as much time as possible in direct sunlight (1a) not only a some time . A sloping of pv panels towards sun will help in it, south-facing roof is the ideal place to mount a solar panel as in south direction the maximum heat is given by sun .
A sheet of the glass  protects the conductor wires from hail and other bad effects, grit thrown away  by the wind, and wildlife should be protected. The semiconductor is also coated in an entire flective substance  which makes possible that it takes the sunlight and it needs not only some light but instead of the scattering of light it useless away.
When the sun rays strikes the panel and is taken by them, it will loose some electrons from some of the atoms that make up the conductor . The conductor is a + ve  charged on one side and - ve charged on the other side, which  will loose electrons to travel in the same direction and will lead, creating an electric current .and current is generated than attach the appliance which you want. 


1:- The terminals should be right .2:- all connections should be tight.2:- light is properly falling on solar panel and on solar cells.

From This You Can Also Generate Electricity In Home.

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